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L.E.A.F. = love expressed around food

We pour heaps of love into every one of our delicious and wholesome plant-based products. We are committed to providing the most nutritious and downright tastiest food on the planet while respecting our environment, our community, and the integrity of every ingredient. So go ahead and snack away! Feed your body and soul and taste the love we put into every bite! SPREAD THE LOVE!!!

We Believe In Delicious Food Made With Integrity

Dairy-Free Spreads

Certified Vegan & Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Probiotic, Paleo, Raw, Soy-Free. Smooth, creamy and delicious fermented cheesy spreads. Perfect with crackers, crudités, spread on a sandwich or scooped on a salad. Made with Fermented Cashews & Organic cold-pressed Coconut Oil!

NOT Cream Cheese Spreads

Don’t hold back. Spread it. Your bagel will delight! Your cracker will smile. Your crudité will become erudite. It’s cool and creamy and sure to hit the spot. Mix it in a salad, drop some in a soup, it’s every connoisseurs delight… Er, did we mention it’s certified vegan and made with Chia Seeds which are high in protein, omega-3s and fiber, but low in calories?

See What Others Have To Say About Leaf Cuisine!

“Rod’s expertise and passion for raw food are inspiring. He gives delicious options for making raw a powerful choice for your and your family’s health.”
– Mariel Hemingway
“Leaf Cuisine is an oasis for live foods. I strongly recommend it as a must for anyone who wants to be introduced to, or appreciates, live food.”
– Gabriel Cousins, M.D.
“Man has evolved back to the original concept that food has energy and food can heal in its raw form. Rod… has made it possible for everyone to eat this way.”
– John Salley
“True beauty begins from the inside, and eating living foods is the best makeover for any age. Rod makes raw delicious and easy. Your inner and outer beauty depend on it!”
– Bobby Brown
“Whether you are ready to go 100 percent raw or 80 percent or just want to begin to dabble in the raw-food experience, Rod is the perfect guide. There is enough variety to satisfy every palate.”
– Laura Ziskin

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